Training Solutions

We can train health and social care professionals in motivational interviewing, health coaching, shared decision making and person-centred collaborative care planning. We also train and support team leaders and supervisors in how to best observe, supervise and mentor colleagues to ensure that training gets implemented and makes a difference to the quality and helpfulness of front-line conversations.

We offer a range of customisable training and support services including presentations, skills development workshops and blended learning solutions utilising a mixture of classroom based skills, workplace practice, online learning and remote coaching and mentoring. We can customise the training to different professional or mixed groups, different health issues and different settings. We provide learners with comprehensive handouts and a 22 page desktop guide containing detailed guidance, tips and sample scripts for a wide range of MI consistent tools and strategies:

  • On-line - We have developed an 8 week online course to complement any skills based workshops, containing video demonstrations, online self-assessments, downloadable tips and quizzes.
  • Train the Trainer and Supervisor Training - We have run several Train the Trainer and supervisor training events, working with suitably skilled individuals to help them get better at training and supporting the development others in person centred conversational approaches.
  • Peer Support Training - We have run several training events for people with lived experience of health problems, helping them use motivational interviewing based health coaching approaches in their supportive conversations with other people with health problems.
  • Implementation Support - Training will only get you so far. Organisations often run into difficulty when trying to implement person-centred approaches in front-line settings. We can help you develop a locally owned implementation plan, and support you in your efforts to change culture, attitudes and practice.
  • Research Studies - Our team includes experience researchers and authors. We can help you with research study design, evaluation, training of practitioners, evaluation methods, coding, write up and other research related tasks and activities.
  • Management Training - We have considerable experience in training managers in motivational interviewing and related approaches, both for use in their day to day conversations, as well as in appraisals, coaching and mentoring, project management and team meetings. We combine training in MI with related approaches including appreciative inquiry and strengths based coaching and management.
  • Wellbeing and Resilience Coaching - We have developed an innovative 2 day course, piloted with MacMillan nurses, helping practitioners who have had training in MI based health coaching get better at guiding their patients and clients to higher levels of psychological health and wellbeing using insights, tools and strategies from positive and behavioural psychology. In addition to becoming more skills and confident at working with others, practitioners have the opportunity to practice several proven wellbeing strategies during the 2 days and develop their own personal wellbeing and resilience plan.