Face to face services

We work with you to identify the choice of service most appropriate to your particular environment and needs. On site delivery helps the employee to feel more relaxed in familiar surroundings and removes the need for travel and this cuts cost from being away from their place of work.  121 services allow us to identify those most at risk and work with them to make individual specific changes to reduce their health risk status.

Health assessments

This element of the package is designed to encourage understanding, motivation and participation in a healthier lifestyle by identifying any health issues and dealing with them in a proactive way.  They will be encouraged to discuss any relevant health topics to help bring about any behavioural changes necessary.  This service is a useful tool for highlighting areas of concern that could need further exploration.

The service is delivered by Health Coaches who are trained in motivational interviewing to assist in bringing about positive behavioural modification through coaching and counselling with any remaining time left in the session. The employee will receive a confidential report on their state of health and information sheets to help effect positive change.

The statistics gained from this process will further assist in learning about the health landscape.  The amount of time that is required for each employee is dependent on the tests that are requested and the time constraints.


Sickness absence cost employers an average of £522 for each employee per year. This amounts to an estimated annual cost of £13 billion for the UK economy as a whole. (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)

In 1980, 7% of the UK obese. By 2000, that figure had increased to 21%. Today a staggering 55% of the population is either overweight or obese (Royal College of Physicians)


Wellbeing Coaching

With more deep seated negative health habits concentrated behaviour change coaching might be required. Having a Health Coach qualified in Motivational Interviewing can make all the difference in assisting your employee to modify their current lifestyle choices to one that is healthier and in the process reducing their health risk status as well as having an effect on their productivity and absenteeism.

Each participant will be taken through a short lifestyle analysis questionnaire to ascertain what their perceived and actual health status is in a number of areas.  This allows the Health Coach to get a holistic view of their issues and the priorities of the employee and will assist with the coaching sessions to come which will focus on their priorities for effecting positive change. 

Research indicates that high blood pressure in adults can be reduced through counselling on weight loss, exercise and diet

(The British Medical Journal)

Employee wellbeing programmes that use behaviour change techniques are more effective compared to interventions using fewer techniques

(Webb et al 2010)

Results published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that people who tried counselling significantly reduced their cholesterol levels, improved their dietary habits and activity levels and lost more weight. They also maintained or improved their quality of life, including their enjoyment of food.

 “Research shows that stress causes 270,000 workers to take time off with mental or physical illnesses, costing the UK economy £7 billion a year”

(John Monks – General Secretary, Trade Union Congress)


Individuals classified as high risk for stress and life dissatisfaction had significantly higher presenteeism rates than low risk individuals (Musich et al 2006)