• Are you legally compliant?
  • Have you got a mental health strategy?
  • Do you assess risk?
  • Do you have effective return to work programmes?
  • Do you wonder if an EAP is value for money?

Merely providing services is “not a panacea by which employers can discharge their duty of care.”

United Kingdom case law is clear on the responsibilities of employers to provide, audit and communicate proactive mental health services to their employees in a consistent manner. The Management of Health & Safety at Work (MHSW) Regulations 1999 requires all employers and the self-employed, to assess the stress risks from their work on anyone who may be affected by their ongoing activities. The regulations require employers to carry out a systematic examination of their work activities and record the significant findings of any assessment. 

StressHUB business stress kit

StressHUB business stress kit makes it easier to manage stress at work and comply with legislation.

The combination of an online portal and strategic consultancy ensures that every business user receives personal support and guidance to manage workplace stress. StressHUB provides you with reassurance that you are managing stress effectively and efficiently.

Web based Stress Risk Management Solution

  • End to end solution to ensure that you comply with legislation and create a functional action plan to manage stress.
  • Tailored questionnaire design
  • Communication tools engage staff
  • Consultancy support throughout the process
  • Data analysis
  • Action planning

Line Manager Guidance Portal

  • Ensuring managers have a clear and standardised approach in managing mental health at work.
  • Mental health and stress background information
  • Legal requirements
  • Checklists and processes
  • Action planning
  • Individual and team risk assessments

Auditing service

  • Mental health strategy and services
  • Stress risk
  • Data

Workshops and seminars

  • Stress training for managers
  • Resilience training
  • Podcasts and dial in workshops
  • e learning

Strategic consultancy

  • Develop policy and strategy
  • Transform processes
  • Tender