Executive Services

Executive health programme:  We understand that executives are under increasing pressure to achieve and succeed which can leave them with very little time to prioritise themselves resulting in adverse effect on their personal health and wellbeing.  However their health and wellbeing should be a priority as it is essential for a healthy mind and body to overcoming the adverse effects of challenge, stretch and stress on the body which will eventually affect their performance.

Our 3 month program is a confidential executive wellness and lifestyle plan. Executives are paired with a dedicated highly experienced Health Coach experienced in behaviour modification and together they work to create a personalised health and wellbeing program, set goals and achieve success through the implementation of healthier lifestyle choices to fit in to their hectic lifestyle. We will provide focus for executives on their goals and achieving them.

Our Executive Health Coaching program is flexible, consultations, health screenings, and program goals are tailored to the executive's personal needs and corporate considerations.  The executive is supported through a combination of face to face, skype, email and phone contact sessions, so at home or abroad the executive is supported.  We look to empower your key people to make better more informed health choices and embed these as habits.