Health & Wellbeing Audit

It is paramount to ascertain what the health and wellbeing issues are within your organisation as whole and by department to ensure a targeted appropriate delivery of proactive solution focused interventions.  Our health risk assessment (HRA) takes a holistic approach to health and focuses on the four pillars that make up overall controllable health reflecting behavioural choices rather than clinical measures. 

This HRA process would be delivered prior to delivering any health and wellbeing interventions and would be repeated at stages through the wellbeing strategy delivery identifying any shifts in the health landscape for a further targeted intervention approach. 

  • Organisational benefits- The outcome of the HRA will give you as an organisation an understanding of your health landscape.  This will highlight specific health and lifestyle hot spots so that a targeted approach can be taken with further interventions resulting in an improved return on your investment. 
  • Employee benefits – Your employees will get a highly personalised confidential report that will give them valuable insight into their health and wellbeing status highlighting areas of strength and areas for improvement categorising them at low, medium or high risk.  They will be given information and guidance to assist in positive change.