We work with your project lead and other stakeholders in the organisation using asset-based, strengths-based and solution focussed approaches including appreciative inquiry.  We use this process to assess the interventions already in place and help our customers build on the good work they are already doing and also identify improvements that could be made. Using the ā€˜4Dā€™ cycle of Appreciative Inquiry we will work with you to set up one of more multi-stakeholder meetings in which we would help you:

  • Do you have a defined health and wellbeing strategy?
  • Is your health and wellbeing strategy effective?
  • What is working well at the moment?
  •  What your strengths are, and the strengths of your partners
  •  Are your manual workers fit for their jobs?
  • Are you hitting your sickness absence targets?
  • Do you know your presenteeism levels?
  •  Do you need help providing the correct in-house clinical services?
  • Examples of good practice
  • What you want more of in the future