Forget Work-Life Balance. It’s All About Work-Life Integration

More and more entrepreneurs are going to embrace the New Way Of Working in order to enjoy its many advantages, but there will be some challenges to overcome as well. One of them is, for the employees, to balance or better to integrate, work and life.

We’re told to separate our work and personal lives, to be present with our loved ones, and switch off from the office. Yet this strategy often causes even more stress. It is important to consider that the concept of a work/life balance isn’t for everyone, and instead contemplate that art of integrating performance, happiness and health.

When we talk about work/life balance we are automatically suggesting that work is in the non-life category. For many people, however, their passion is their work. They enjoy spending time immersed in work because they love what they do, and are energised by it. For most people, integration can bring a higher level of happiness and productivity then balance ever could.

For entrepreneurs, it’s near impossible to ever achieve perfect balance. At various times, each element will require a different level of attention. But having fluidity and flexibility will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and are the keys to living a fulfilling life.

We should be striving to hit work-life integration, not work-life balance. Work-life integration is the idea that perfect balance is where work and life are one, and in a good way. When you successfully integrate work and life, and actually enjoy what you do, your whole life improves.

Xero surveyed 2,000 entrepreneurs across the US and the UK, and nearly six in 10 (58%) of them said spending time with family in the evenings is crucial to their effectiveness as business owners, and more than half (55%) agreed that it’s important to keep their weekends free for loved ones.

There are a few reasons why mastering work life integration are so essential right now.

The boundaries between family and career are blurred. It’s hard to know when you aren’t working these days because technology has enabled us to message personal or professional contacts instantly.

Employees are willing to give up their personal time to do work. In a study by TeamViewer and Harris Interactive, they found that 61% of employees are willing to work during vacation.

There are more employees working remote than ever before. Millions of people are working in a personal setting, maybe even in their bedrooms. When this happens, it’s hard to separate work and life and thus they are integrated even without your consent.

Whereas obtaining a work-life balance may have been the goal of employees over the past few decades, the line between professional and personal lives for Millennials is nearly invisible. Their work lives and their personal lives have essentially melted together. It’s clear that for Millennials, the idea that work should be separate from your “life” just doesn’t resonate. They like the flexibility they have, because to them, work isn’t just something they do, work is a major part of their overall lifestyle.

How can the HR manager help his/her employees to integrate their work and personal lives? He/she can work to improve their engagement! Engaged employees are happier and thus more prone to naturally integrate work and life. Woobe will help the HR manager in this task. Easily organise frequent micro-events to boost your employees’ morale and create real contact between your people.