Shifts in Corporate Wellness

At the end of last year, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) held their annual Global Wellness Summit in Mexico City.  GWI went into the summit showcasing their goal of providing an education foundation that focuses on informing both the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness.  at this years summit, GWI identified what they see as the top 10 future shifts in corporate wellness.

Here are the shifts in corporate wellness they found most critical to corporate wellness programs:

  • Wellness will become mandatory – Employees have always had a choice when participating in wellness programs. But with the costs of healthcare, chronic diseases, and an aging population, we may not have a choice for much longer. Governments are making wellness mandatory (across the globe). Mexico taxes soda, in Japan, authorities measure BMI and waistlines, and in the U.S., we still rely largely on rewards and incentives to facilitate change.

  • But, wellness will be less “in your face” – When wellness is forced upon us it can feel more like a chore. Shifting wellness to be seamlessly integrated into our homes and workplaces by building and designing healthier human standards (think air ventilation, materials with fewer toxins & chemicals, and lighting) helps keep us well, effortlessly.

  • A culture of wellness at work – Workplace wellness is expected to grow even more in the next 5-10 years. The average Fortune 500 company spends 80% of their after-tax profit on employee medical costs. Companies cannot preach wellness and then demand long, stressful workdays and on-call hours. Initiatives will include mandatory vacation and ‘unplugging’ from work email while at home.

  • Wellness travel – Travel destination will focus on wellness, helping the traveler’s mind, body, and soul. Wellness will be paired with other categories such as wellness and adventure, wellness and cruise, wellness and food, etc. Wellness travel will benefit both the traveler and the destination.

April 11, 2016/in Health & Wellness /by Jennifer DiPietro